Metrology and testing technology

Coordinate measuring machine

In order to measure a wide variety of components, coordinate measuring machines are used. Different gages and measuring devices provide a 3D image of the surface component. scanCONTROL laser line scanners are ideally suitable for this purpose. Based on the triangulation principle, they measure the actual component surface without contact to micrometer accuracy.

Calibrating robot axes

Industrial robots have become indispensable in modern production facilities due to their reliability and speed. During set up and also at regular intervals within the scope of quality assurance, the robot axes must be adjusted. Here, electronic adjustment probes have long substituted mechanical probes. The measurement probes mounted on the robot axes and acquire the zero point during the axis rotation using a probe tip. The integral electronics evaluate the probe signal and supplies a switching signal to the robot controller.

Coordinate measuring machine

Coordinate measurement machines from Zeiss have been known for decades for the ag8亚游集团est quality, precision and reliability. Also the mobile measurement machine, ScanMax fulfills these criteria, in part due to the application of inductive displacement sensors from Micro-Epsilon.

3D inspection and surface assessment of roof tiles

The production of roof tiles places ag8亚游集团 demands on measurement and testing methods for ensuring constant ag8亚游集团 product quality. In the DASTOKON semi-automatic measurement and test system and in the BSPK pilot plant a laser triangulation sensor of the Series ILD 1800 is used for the 3D inspection and for surface assessment.

Coordinate measurement machine

Coordinate measurement machines are used for measuring many different components. Different scanners and measuring equipment measure the surface of the component in three dimensions. Laser line scanners are ideally suited for this purpose. They measure the actual surface of the component without contact and with micrometre precision according to the triangulation principle.

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